Asia is the largest continent in the world, covering almost 9% of the planet.  With more than 4.3 billion people, it also has the highest human population on Earth. There are 48 countries in Asia, including Russia.

Geography ranges from coastal areas (Asia has the largest coastline in the world) to the Himalayan mountain range with some of the highest peaks on the planet. The climates also diverse, including desert, tropical, arctic and subarctic regions.

There are many Asian wild cats, including both big cats and small wild cats.

Asian Big Cats

Big cats that are native to the region include the Clouded leopard, tigerleopard, Asiatic lion and snow leopard.

Asian Small Wild Cats

There are many small wild cats that inhabit Asia, and are considered native to the continent:

  • Bornean bay cat
  • Chinese mountain cat
  • Asiatic golden cat
  • Asiatic wildcat
  • Rusty-spotted cat
  • Pallas’s cat
  • Jungle cat
  • Fishing cat
  • Marbled cat
  • Leopard cat

Asian Wild Cats Conservation

Here is a list of groups involved in Asian wild cats and small wild cats conservation.

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