Wild Cats List

Wild Cat ListThe wild cats list includes big cats and small wild cats. Wild cats can be found all over the world, from North, Central and South America to Europe, Asia and Africa.

The term “big cats” generally refers to lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars – the largest members of the Panthera genus, a group of wild cats within the Felidae family (all wild cats are members of the Felidae family). A broader definition of big cats that includes cheetahs, clouded leopards, snow leopards and mountain lions is also used.

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The Wild Cats List



(Also known as puma, mountain lion, red tiger and deer tiger)

  • North America cougar
  • Central America cougar
  • Eastern South America cougar
  • Northern South America cougar
  • Central South America cougar
  • Southern South America cougar


  • Asiatic cheetah
  • Northwest African cheetah
  • Eastern Africa cheetah
  • Southern Africa cheetah
  • Central Africa cheetah

Clouded Leopard


  • Peruvian jaguar
  • Mexican jaguar
  • Central American jaguar
  • Arizonan jaguar
  • Central Texas to Southeastern jaguar
  • Goldman’s jaguar
  • Panthera onca palustris (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay)


  • Indian leopard
  • African leopard
  • Javan leopard
  • Arabian leopard
  • North Chinese leopard
  • Persian leopard
  • Sri Lankan leopard
  • Indochinese leopard
  • Anatolian leopard
  • Balochistan leopard
  • Amur Leopard


  • Asiatic Lion
  • West African lion
  • Congo lion
  • East African lion (Masai lion)\
  • Southwest African lion (Katanga lion)
  • Southeast African lion (Transvaal lion)
  • Barbary lion (Extinct)
  • Cape lion (Extinct)

Snow Leopard

Sunda Clouded Leopard


  • Indochinese tiger
  • Bengal tiger
  • Sumatran tiger
  • Malayan tiger
  • South China tiger
  • Bali tiger (extinct)
  • Javan tiger (extinct)
  • Caspian tiger (extinct)



African Golden Cat
Andean Mountain Cat
Asian Golden Cat
Bornean Bay Cat
Black-footed Cat
Canada Lynx
Chinese Desert Cat
Eurasian Lynx
Fishing Cat
Flat-headed Cat
Geoffroy’s Cat
Iberian Lynx
Iriomote Cat
Jungle Cat
Kodkod |Guina
Leopard Cat
Marbled Cat
Oncilla | Little Spotted Cat
Palla’s Cat
Pampas Cat
Rusty-spotted Cat
Sand Cat
Scottish Wildcat


  • African wildcat
  • Asiatic wildcat
  • European wildcat
  • Chinese Alpine Steppe cat

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Bob Gauldin
Bob Gauldin
4 years 2 months ago

what does your organization do to help these animals?

Steven Pollard
2 years 7 months ago

Northeast ,Al. I have saw a large cat in the wild the size of a cougar. But it had white tips on ears. And tail like a leopard.? It has been eating watermelons out of Field. And seen in Pasteur. In Calhoun co. Wellington. Pleasant valley. Aera. James George land. 7-8-15..

2 years 7 months ago

I didnt realize there were sooooooo many different types and spieces of wild cats their are!!!

guy juratovac
guy juratovac
2 years 5 months ago

saw large wildcat head looked like bobcat but the body was 3+ ft long and bobcat tail looked like a leapord body markings,las cruces nm write below organ mountains

guy juratovac
guy juratovac
2 years 5 months ago

9/16 he had huge paws very large cat

2 years 2 months ago
I hope that you can help me At school my granddaughter is currently (she is 8) working on wild cats. I have volunteered to make her a book of photographs and information on cats through the alphabet. There are two that I have not been able to find (hours on Google) V & X I was wondering if someone can help on a name (or Latin) for an obscure feline or subspecies. I think I will have to give up on the X but I’ve bent the rules a bit and will use Xausted and shown a lion sleeping in… Read more »