New Camera Trap Images of an Amur Leopard with Cubs


News Source: ALTA Conservation – Amazing News from China

ALTA CONSERVATION: Wildlife Conservation Society’s Jon Slaght has sent us this blog update with incredible news from China:


On October 9th 2013, video camera traps set by the Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province in the Wangqing Nature Reserve in northeast China recorded footage of a female Amur leopard with two cubs. This is the first known record of breeding by this critically endangered cat in China, and demonstrates that Jilin Province, long thought to be peripheral habitat used only by transient leopards coming from Russia, is supporting a breeding population of these incredible cats.

The cameras were set as part of a long-term, region-wide tiger and leopard monitoring program overseen by the Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province. The Wildlife Conservation Society’s China Program, with support from ALTA, has provided technical and financial assistance to this project. Other partners in this project include World Wildlife Fund, the Feline Center of the State Forestry Administration, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This important discovery underscores the need for increased conservation efforts in the region, where leopards are threatened by poaching and loss of habitat.

Photo copyright Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province:

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