Jaguarundi Sighting in Pioneer Town

“…three of us watched mesmerised out of our caravan window as a jaguarundi drank water from a bird bath at a
remote desert camp near Pioneer Town. The animal calmly wandered off completely aware of our presence to sit some 40 meters away on its hind quarters to watch the sun set.

Just gorgeous.

Took us some time to identify it with certainty but only because we didn’t know of the existence of this beautiful quiet feline.

Sighting time and date Tuesday 11th June about 20 minutes after sunset just after 9pm. Location – a Californian secret but happy to tell researchers if important or significant

There were indistinct prints from the birdbath to the mound but none photographable, each print was about 1.5 inches to 2inches across.

I looked for traces of fur in the cacti and vegetation but found none.

When the animal moved on it dropped low on all fours and moving rapidly slunk into vegetation to disappear in seconds.

Total viewing was around four minutes.

Fur was almost a crimson brown and appeared uniform, tail was almost as long as the body and very fluffy.

Animal looked to weigh thirty pounds or so. Much smaller than a mountain lion and lower to the ground with an angular almost pointy

Unbelievable experience!”


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