This directory is about wild cats, including big cats and small wild cats. It was created to connect individuals seeking information on big cats and small wild cats with organizations around the world fighting to prevent wild cat extinction.

Wild cat populations are rapidly declining. Three subspecies are already gone and several more cats are expected to be lost forever, including the Amur Leopard, Anatolian Leopard (already believed by some to be extinct), South China Tiger, Arabian Cougar, Asiatic Cheetah, North African Leopard, Iberian Lynx, West African lion, Asiatic Lion and Amur (Siberian) Tiger.

There are many human factors that have contributed to this grave situation, including deforestation, the pet trade, trophy hunting and the killing of wild cats for their pelts and body parts.  We encourage you to support these organizations and the work that they are doing in any way that you can.  Most of these groups are funded through donations and depend on public support to carry out their vital conservation work.

Why is wild cat conservation important? Large carnivores (meat eaters) like wild cats help maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. They are also part of the amazing and beautiful biological diversity on this planet.


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