Zulu Church Embraces Faux Fur to Protect Leopards | China Post

zulu church faux fur leopards

A Zulu church has begun using faux leopard fur in traditional religious rituals. The use of leopard skins has been part of the Shembe religion for over a century.

“The leopard skin has got a significance because it shows power,” said Lizwi Ncwane, spokesman for the church officially known as the Nazareth Baptist Church. “For the past four months now, we have been using fake skins because we are trying to bring awareness among our people…”

Zulu church helps combat poaching, embraces faux fur to protect leopards
China Post
In a country where leopard-hunting permits are only affordable for the very rich or foreign tourists, conservation groups dispute that the trophies worn at Shembe gatherings are legal. ‘Totally illegal’. “This is the biggest display of illegal wildlife
Zulu church embraces faux fur to protect leopards
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