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If you would like to submit a listing for the directory, please complete the form below.  We only accept links related to wild cat conservation, such as organizations, educational institutions, government agencies or zoos involved in wild cat research and public education; groups engaged in wild cat conservation field activities and habitat preservation, and entities that provide a sanctuary for big and small wild cats. We do not accept links from private ownership breeding programs.

This is a human-edited directory. All submissions and websites will be thoroughly reviewed prior to inclusion in the directory.  The purpose of this directory is to raise awareness on the severe decline of wild cat populations worldwide, and help individuals with an interest in big cats and small wild cats connect with organizations:

  • Fighting to protect the various species of wild cats from extinction
  • Engaged in legislative advocacy pertaining to the conservation and protection of wild and captive cats
  • Working to preserve wild cat habitats
  • Sponsoring wild cat conservation public awareness programs and campaigns
  • Rescuing abused, mistreated, injured or abandoned cats
  • Providing rehabilitation and sanctuary to rescued wild cats

Form Instructions:

Link Name:  Enter the name of the organization.  This is how the group will appear in the directory.  If the      organization is involved in other types of conservation work, enter the group’s name, followed by a colon, and the name of the wild cat project or campaign you would like listed.  Example:  Wildlife Group International: Cougar Project.

Email Address:  Enter the entire URL  of the group’s website beginning with “http://”.

Link Category:  Choose the primary category for this listing.  Only list a group under Wild Cat Organizations if its sole activity and purpose is wild cat conservation.

Link Description:  Provide a 1 or 2 sentence description of the group and its activities.

Link Note:  Please provide the following information in the notes section:

1)  In what country is this organization’s headquarters?

2)  What geographical regions does this group work in (i.e. Europe, Africa, Central America, South America, North America, Asia, International)?

3)  Does this group have an RSS feed?  If so, please provide the link to the feed in this section.

4)  Optional:  Provide any additional, relevant data regarding the  group and it’s activities.

Once the form has been received, it will be reviewed by our staff.  Thank you for contributing to the directory!

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