New Asiatic Lions Documentary

asiatic lion documentary

On July 6, 2015 the Discovery Channel premiered a new Asiatic lion documentary “India’s Wandering Lions”. The lions were tracked and filmed for over 3 years.

 Today, the Indian lion population has rebounded to a population of over 400 – a cause for celebration. However, their success has surpassed the natural capacity of the Gir Forest Sanctuary, forcing lions to spill over its borders and seek new homes. Can they remain out of trouble and keep their human neighbours onside for the long term? We have worked with Kosmik Global, Earth Touch and Discovery India to bring this incredible story to light. With unprecedented access by locals and the various forest departments, we have uncovered one of the most extraordinary stories of recovery of our generation. Our 4K cameras bring a beautiful richness and clarity to the imagery, while colour starlight and hi-res thermal techniques allow us to create striking images, day or night.



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