Canned Lion Hunting

canned lion hunting

Canned hunting, also known as captive hunts, is a term used to describe the confinement and hunting of animals in small enclosures. The animals have no way to escape and no chance of surviving the “hunt.”

In South Africa, canned lion hunting is big business, generating approximately $70 million a year in revenues. Many of these lions are bred for canned hunts on farms.

When young, the lions are used to attract visitors who pay money to see, pet and walk with them. Because they have been bottle fed and raised by humans, they have no natural fear of people. As the lions mature, “they become handsome targets for trophy hunters. Hundreds more are slaughtered and shipped to the East for the burgeoning lion bone trade.”

Thousands of canned hunters from the United States, the UK, Germany, France and Spain come to South Africa each year to kill lions in canned hunts.

VIDEO: Chris Mercer – Director, Campaign Against Canned Hunting

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MOVIE TRAILER: Blood Lions: An Expose of the Canned Hunting Industry

Until such time as the voice of the lion is heard, history will be written to glorify the hunter.” This powerful African proverb reversed out of a plain black screen grips the audience’s attention from the first frames of a riveting documentary. To be premiered on 22 July at the Durban International Film Festival, Blood Lions uncovers the ugly story behind South Africa’s predator breeding and canned lion hunting industry, and a team of filmmakers and conservationists who, with single-minded determination, are campaigning to have it banned.

To find out what you can do to help ban canned lion hunting CLICK HERE.

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