Asiatic Golden Cat Conservation

Asian golden cat populations are declining from deforestation (from logging and agriculture) and the loss of habitat, as well as poaching. The cat is also being killed in retaliation for plundering livestock. It is believed in some cultures that the scent of the cat’s burned pelt or carrying a strand of its hair will keep tigers away, which also contributes to excessive hunting and poaching. There are very few Asiatic golden cats in zoos.

Although it is illegal to hunt the Asian golden cat in most range countries (excluding Lao and Bhutan), the cat is aggressively poached for its fur and bones. The cat’s meat is also considered a delicacy. The cat’s current population is believed to be under 10,000, with a China population of between 3,000 to 5,000 and a Thailand population size in the hundreds.

Asiatic Golden Cat Conservation Organizations

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